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Smarter Security Solutions for Property Management
No two properties are alike and each has its own unique set of internal and external security threats that must be addressed to keep your clients safe and protect you from liability claims. Faced with these threats on a daily basis, property owners and property management companies are looking for a modern, innovative solution to this age old problem.

Our comprehensive surveillance systems are trusted by hundreds of property management companies across thousands of properties. Whether you own multi-family apartment complexes, commercial office spaces, industrial warehouses, or retail shopping centers, our end to end property management security system solutions are tailored to each location’s precise needs to actively prevent your clients from becoming a victim of theft, burglary, and vandalism.

Our expert security consultants have the experience to design, engineer, and install an endlessly scalable security solution that integrates all aspects of your security operations across all of your properties and can be managed from a central location. From your parking lots to your lobby and back offices, we provide you with the tools and resources to meet your tenants’ security needs while working on your budget.
Property Management Security Systems
Know Who Comes & Goes
With tenant access control systems and license plate recognition cameras at your entrances and exits, our security solutions can track who was where and when while restricting access to unwanted and unauthorized persons.
Limit Liability Risk
Our property management video security systems give you an unbiased view of events that occurred on your property and help protect you from internal theft, property damage, tenant misconduct, and fraudulent liability claims.
The Sky’s the Limit
Whether you have one property or hundreds of locations across the country, our property management security solutions are engineered to be endlessly scalable so they can grow right in step alongside you and solve tomorrow’s security needs.
Peace of Mind
With around the clock video surveillance, access control, visitor management, and remote system management, you and your tenants can rest easy knowing that the property is being protected by a comprehensive surveillance solution.