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License Plate Recognition

Capture License Plates Anytime, Anywhere
Our systems capture 99% of license plates and put control back into your hands!
Law enforcement agencies, parking structures, and high security facilities benefit from being able to identify and catalog incoming and outgoing vehicles.
You’ll know when a vehicle entered by using an easy software interface which allows you to search for plates as well as view the captured snapshot and video. Advanced analytics allows your system to trigger alerts like overstay warnings, out of schedule visits, and much more.
Don’t Miss a Single Detail With Our LPR Camera Systems
Provides Incredibly Detailed Shots in All Conditions, All Day
Capture Plates Day & Night Multi-Lane Coverage
0.2 Second Recognition Speed Easy-to-Use Software
Clear Captures at Highway Speeds Automated Alert System
Endless Scalability to Fit Tomorrow’s Needs
From a single parking lot entrance to a highway traffic enforcement network, our license plate recognition and observation systems will fit any size project. Our expert engineers will create an expandable solution that gives you the coverage you need.
Free Lifetime, US Based Technical Support
Our high-resolution single and multiple lane LPR cameras are backed by an exceptional commitment to customer service and lifetime technical support