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Video Surveillance Systems for Schools

Staples High School

The approach to securing school campuses has changed drastically in the last decade. To combat the risks facing their facilities, school administrators have to balance integrating a modern surveillance solution with an aging infrastructure and tight operating budgets. Virtual Surveillance has a proven track record of providing school districts across the nation with cost-effective, innovative solutions to their security challenges.

We take a proactive and multilayered approach to your school’s security in order to protect your students, faculty, and school property from internal and external security threats. Our school video security system solutions are specifically engineered to help you provide a safe learning environment for your students and faculty and have received high marks for keeping those who want to do harm from ever entering your schools.

Whether you’re looking to secure a K-12 school, an entire district, or the universities throughout your state, our surveillance experts will design a scalable video security solution that helps your security teams do more with less while working on your budget.
School and College Security Systems
Give Parents Peace of Mind
With the emerging threats and demands facing students, schools, and administrators, parents can rest easy knowing that you’re doing absolutely everything within your power to keep their children safe from harm while they’re at school.
Improve Campus Safety
From the parking lot to the cafeteria, our school surveillance solutions protect your school by deterring unwanted persons from entering your campus and arming your security teams with the tools they need to keep your students and faculty safe.
Quicker Response Times
By maximizing visibility across your campus, your security teams are able to quickly identify and react faster to violent acts, possible vandalism, and suspicious individuals and activities to maintain a safe learning environment for your students.
Monitor Who is On Campus
Our school security systems allow you to quickly set access permission levels and track cards for faculty, students, visitors, and vendors so you know who is where and when while unwanted persons are prevented from gaining entry to your buildings.